The Dark-Adapted Eye

“We live with a foot on either side of the realms: one is in our day-to-day earth-based lives, necessarily so; the other is in the mysterious and subtle realms that are boundless and that connect us to the cosmos, the greater energetic source. This is the matrix out of which an individual’s life myths are spun. Many of us find it’s not enough to live only our mundane lives – expanded consciousness is informed and fed by relationship with the bigger back story. Our bigger stories, our life myths, are sourced and fed from the matrix of creation, the cosmos.”

-Janet Carter

Transfixed by the galaxy and cosmos since childhood, Janet’s path as a therapist and artist and her shamanic personal journeys have brought her full-circle to an integrated, therapeutic practice of consultative astrology through the lens of the I Ching.

Janet brings an intimate personal experience of the messages and wisdom carried within astronomic bodies and movements to her work with clients, using this as the transformative engine to help reframe the individual’s conception of role and life path, and of personal myths and our own power to move beyond these.


‘Cibatio’ – Janet Carter