Readings with Janet

I use a unique process in my astrological readings, blending three wisdom traditions.


The first, of course, is astrology – archetypal astrology, or how the energetic imprints of the cosmos reflect and define the archetypal and mythic endowment of the individual. I consider three astrological charts: the birth, or natal chart; the transits chart; and the progressed chart.

The Birth Chart

The birth chart is the horoscope of the planetary positions the moment you were born – if you know nothing else about astrology, you probably know “your sign”, or the location of the sun in one of the 12 signs of the zodiac in your birth chart. But there is much more to the story. The natal chart is the road map of the soul’s journey in this life. The astrological house placement of the planets and the different relationships or aspects that may exist between them begin to tell the story of the energetic and spiritual endowment that was activated at your birth.


Transits refer to the daily positions in our sky of the sun, moon and planets in our solar system, a snapshot of planetary locations on the day of the reading. An exploration of this chart describes which planetary energies in the natal chart are being activated by the current position of the planets on any given day. Transits begin to tell the story of what aspects of life are being activated, and how. Transits can also be read for other specific times, for instance if you are curious about the astrological picture surrounding a forthcoming event, or a significant past event that you would like to gain more wisdom from.

Progressed Chart

Finally, I look at what is called the progressed chart. Progressions are a construct based on the idea of “a year for a day”. The chart is calculated by moving – or progressing – all of the planets of the birth chart forward in time, one day for each year of life. The progressed chart reveals a synchronous correlation between the planetary positions and how life is being called to be lived. It is telling the story of how you are evolving. It is another powerful lens into your unique life journey.

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The I Ching

The second major tradition I use in readings is the I Ching, a tradition of wisdom and divination that emerged from ancient China 3,000 years ago. The mythic, imagery and archetypal roots of this great Far Eastern wisdom tradition have been re-introduced to our culture through the works of Stephen Karcher, Ph.D., and it is Dr. Karcher’s work that I refer to as I seek guidance and focus from the I Ching in exploring your various horoscopes. The I Ching divinations ground us in the present moment. They bring us information that focuses thought, spiritual and psychological work into right action that fulfills the destinies given to us by the planets.

Analytical Psychology

The third tradition that comes into play in my readings is the tradition of Analytical Psychology, which emerged from the life work of Swiss psychologist Dr. C.G. Jung. I was a psychotherapist for almost 25 years, practicing in the northern Virginia suburbs of Washington, D.C., and the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State. The skills I acquired in this practice help me to plumb the many layers of an astrological reading. Though I am not now engaged in a psychotherapeutic practice as my primary occupation, I am licensed as an independent clinical social worker in Virginia and New Mexico, and am pleased to work therapeutically with clients seeking a deeper exploration of issues that may surface in a reading.

Datura Sunset, by Janet Carter

‘Datura Sunset’ – Janet Carter