About Janet

Janet Carter, M.S.W., was born and raised an Army Brat, and spent her childhood in many regions of the U. S. including a three year experience in Post-War Germany. After an introduction to college post high school, she moved to Washington, D.C. and began a 25 year sojourn in the Nation’s capital that included a 13 year career in the Federal Government. Still hungry for her education she completed her undergraduate degree at George Washington University as a part-time student and full time Labor Department employee. She graduated in 1979 with a Bachelor in Arts in Psychology.

By then her career focus had changed and she left the Federal Government to attend The Catholic University of America, National Catholic School of Social Service to become a clinical social worker specializing in psychodynamic psychotherapy for adults, graduating in 1981 with a Master’s in Social Work. Janet began her new calling in community mental health as a psychotherapist in the historical colonial town of Leesburg, Virginia, ultimately developing a private practice of psychotherapy in the suburbs of Washington, D.C.

A new dimension emerged several years later with a spontaneous awakening of shamanic gifts and Janet moved to Washington State where she continued her private practice of psychotherapy and deepened the journey into the subtle realms and began to integrate astrology into her psychotherapy practice. After 10 years in the Pacific Northwest, she headed for the Southwest by way of Southern California, finally arriving in Santa Fe over 8 years ago, a long sought destination.

Janet Carter, MSW

Janet Carter, MSW

After a lengthy health driven sojourn, Janet is returning to a practice of archetypal astrology that is informed by her former practice of depth psychotherapy and her new studies of the ancient wisdom tradition of Asia, the I Ching. She is a licensed independent social work practitioner in the Commonwealth of Virginia and New Mexico.